Felling - Complete removal of unwanted, dangerouse and infected trees.

Pollarding - Cutting a tree back hard to the main trunk and maintainging a bushy tree by regular pruning at intervals.

Crown Reducing - Removing of branches throughout the tree, ensuring a balanced shape and the required hight is achieved.

Crown Thininning - Removing branches from the crown without reducing the overall size or shape of the tree. It results in improved light levels passing through the canopy thus reducing shading.

Crown Lifting - To remove the lowest branches, normally to give a uniform height from ground level.

Pruning - The controlled cutting back of trees. This helps restrict size, train to shape or promote the growth of flowers / fruit buds.

Hedge Trimming - Shaping and tidying of hedges to maintaine required height and width.

Planting - We can supply and plant a huge range range of tree's and hedging.


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